Today I tried to move my two MariaDB 5 website databases towards the MariaDB 10 database, which is the only supported database on the latest Synology 7 version. First of all you have to export and import the used databases and users from MariaDB 5 to MariaDB 10 following this great Synology KB article. Be aware of the database users for the databases, keep the accounts and password equal on both MariaDB databases! Since MariaDB 10 uses a stronger password policy, change the database users passwords on both MariaDB versions and in the application, in my case S9Y.

After the database copy I altered the default port of the old MariaDB 5 to a dummy port number and the MariaDB 10 to the default port 3306. I stopped the MariaDB 5 service and within the used PHP configurations I then changed these values:

  • mysql.default_socket: /run/mysqld/mysqld10.sock

  • mysql.default_port: 3306

After these changes my websites, this one and a family site, ran just fine using MariaDB 10! After waiting for a while the old MariaDB 10 can be uninstalled on Synology.

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