Is anyone aware of some Microsoft Windows 10 & 11 updates breaking DirectAccess? No? Well, at the moment there's not much to tell about it, except this Q&A article on the subject. It's clear multiple organisations are struck by this issue.

The following updates are causing the issue:

  • Windows 10: KB5018482, KB5019959 and KB5020953
  • Windows 11: KB5018427, KB5019509 (adds tabs to Explorer, taskbar overflow menu) and KB5019980

The solution for now is to rollback these updates and block them or revert them in WSUS. Another solution is to remove them by hand. Updating the DirectAccess server(s) with KB5019964 is not a solution!

On Sunday November 13 Microsoft released an article to disable / rollback the feature causing this issue. The KIR (Known Issue Rollback) article contains fixes starting Windows 10 20H2 and Windows 11 21H2. The article can be found here.

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